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A Brief Look at the Life and Works of James Michener

A New Jersey-based financial professional, Thomas Avellino has spent years overseeing private investment partnerships for accredited investors and sharing his industry knowledge with those outside of these partnerships. Mr. Avellino has become a very well respected retirement planner with extensive knowledge in blending many various asset classes to achieve safe, risk adjusted returns. In his free time, Thomas Avellino enjoys reading the works of James Michener.

Born in New York in 1907, James Michener grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with his adoptive mother and several foster siblings. Early in life, he cultivated a love for 19th century literature that encouraged him to pursue an education in history and English at Swarthmore College. Michener went on to serve as a teacher and textbook editor for several years until he joined the United States Navy during World War II. His service brought him to the Solomon Islands, where he garnered the inspiration for his first book. In 1947, Michener published Tales of the South Pacific, which earned him a Pulitzer Prize and later became an acclaimed Broadway show.
It was not until Michener published his next novel, Hawaii, that he became a bestselling author. The book, which he wrote while living in Honolulu, took three years to complete. Michener spent the rest of his career writing over 40 additional books, many of which took inspiration from his international travels. His works earned him numerous accolades, including the Einstein Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the George Washington Award.

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